Roger "Jigsaw" Ross

A down and out PI from Puyallup


Roger is a big guy, almost 6’7" and around 280 pounds. His clothes are worn, but not heavily patched. His short dirty blond hair is usually dirty, and his deep green eyes are constantly in motion. He wears a charm of some sort on a frayed nylon cord in his shirt. The heavily scratched and scuffed jacket he wears has one of the plates exposed on his left shoulder blade.

He drives a Leyland-Zil Zarina, that obviously burns methane, as can be assumed by the occasional burst of blue flame from under the hood and sounds something like a cement mixer with some broken teeth. One can see the composite frame is relativity sound, as most of the paint is gone, and that paint that can still be seen can’t make up it’s mind if the car was red, blue, white, silver, or primer grey. It looks like the composite material was a dark grey. There are also spang marks from small caliber bullets, and a few hole from larger caliber bullets.


Roger "Jigsaw" Ross

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